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Female Boa Constrictor ImperatorIn 1991, this female Boa constrictor imperator was brought in to our store as a subadult. This dark strange boa appeared to be from Panama, however it was offered for sale as an unidentified boa constrictor. It was sold to a client who kept her for approximately one year and when he was no longer able to keep her, I purchased her back. She was for sale again for a period of time when another client bought and housed this boa with her pet Colombian Boa.

One day she called me and said that her boas had babies and some of them were very pretty and unusual. After seeing these unusual animals, I purchased several of them and told her at that time, if she had babies again I would like to purchase the entire litter. The following year she again had some of these magnificent babies born. I was able to purchase these animals and at that time told her if she ever parted with the adults, I would like to be able to purchase them as well.

In watching these animals mature, I knew they were special. I was able to purchase the adults and again they produced a beautiful litter of these hypomelanistic boas. I was so impressed with their salmon colors, I decided to call them "Salmon Boas".

These are the animals that started the Salmon project in the mid 1990's.


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